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  • What inspired your company’s inception?
    After several years of experience flying drones in an official government capacity, our founder, Matt Nugent, was approached by a friend in real estate who struggled with capturing drone photos for his residential listings. Our founder was already FAA licensed and got started by completing a few residential drone projects. From there, Matt started receiving inquiries for bigger projects and from bigger companies. Thus, Wing Walker Aerial Photography, officially formed in April of 2021 and is Licensed and Insured.
  • How did we come up with the name, Wing Walker?
    Our founder, Matt Nugent, began scouring a thesaurus of all aeronautical terms. While beginning to search through countless aeronautical terms in alphabetical order, looking for inspiration, Matt found the word, ‘Wing Walker’. Wing Walker has multiple meanings, but in aeronautical terms, it is defined as someone on the ground who assists an aircraft by guiding from the wing area. Wing Walker or “wing walking” is also known for a stunt that pilots perform by walking out onto the wing of an airplane while in flight. Matt found this term to be relatable to drones as aeronautically, a drone pilot is on the ground guiding the aircraft, and from a less aeronautical standpoint, the drone captures a unique perspective in the air. Much like the one a Wing Walker might see from out on a plane’s wing.
  • What does Wing Walker enjoy most about its projects?
    We love seeing the finished product come together. There is so much time, effort, and coordination that goes into capturing photos and video footage, sometimes from several different locations, and then edited and combined into a complete production. To see it all come together is a very exciting and rewarding experience for us.
  • Why us?
    Our Wing Walker Aerial Photography pilots are not only required to be FAA Part 107 licensed, which is now legally required of commercial drone operators throughout the United States, but they also must have logged hundreds of hours of flight time prior to being offered a position with Wing Walker. This ensures our clients receive quality aerial footage and ensures our clients trust and confidence. We also believe in supporting our clients beyond capturing their aerial photo and video needs such as supporting and directing audiences and viewers towards our clients through various social media platforms. When you work with Wing Walker Aerial Photography, you can be assured you are hiring a professional and reputable company who follows regulations and keeps everyone safe. We help you get the footage you need to make an impact in a very inexpensive and efficient manner. ​
  • What goes into a great photo?
    There is so much that goes into capturing a great photograph prior to and after the actual click. Prior to requires the proper lighting, settings, exposure, framing i.e. the rule of thirds to name a few. Post production editing is also crucial to making a photograph really stand out. Coloring, contrast, and sharpening is the key to making a photograph perfect. ​
  • Do you just photograph residential properties?
    No. We offer our aerial photography and videography services to anyone that would benefit from an aerial perspective. We of course enjoy highlighting homes and their amazing features – that’s how we got started in the first place! In addition to residential properties though, we have photographed sports stadiums and practice facilities, architecture imagery, construction sites, lakes and surrounding parks, as well as moving vehicles, and much more!
  • Do you offer ground photography services?
    Yes and no. We offer ground videography for some of our custom video projects to supplement the aerial footage. With that being said, we do not currently offer ground photography services for residential listings. We will absolutely collaborate with any hired ground photographers that prefer not to capture aerial photographs or who are not licensed to do so. We have worked with many Real Estate agents throughout the Puget Sound area who sometimes prefer to do their own ground photography and utilize our services to complement these photographs with an aerial perspective for their listing.
Wing Walker Explainer Video

Wing Walker Explainer Video

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