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Image by Wes Warren

Unexpected events can lead to costly property damage. We work with insurance companies and property owners to quickly respond on location and document the incident, essentially “freezing” the scene. We apply our First Responder background to every case, much like major crime scenes and collisions, every insurance claim must be accurately depicted and represented for the long investigative process that ensues. Traditional methods involving getting up and onto the roof to photograph damage can be extremely dangerous due to existing or unknown damages that may have been caused by the incident. Our drone technology eliminates those risks while allowing you to get the information needed to document the claim.

“A major windstorm struck my neighborhood and destroyed parts of my home. A neighboring carport had come detached and landed on top of my roof, leaving behind thousands of dollars in damages. I contacted Wing Walker Aerial Photography who responded and documented the scene for insurance and legal purposes."


Mike N.

Federal Way, WA


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