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Drone-assisted inspections are safer and more cost-effective than traditional inspection methods. Avoid sending workers into dangerous or hazardous areas by sending a drone instead. Your inspection reports will be more efficient and less prone to human error, and you’ll benefit from a reduction in costs associated with renting expensive equipment otherwise needed to capture a full picture of the worksite.

“For an exterior inspection of a 15-story building, we would traditionally have spent a lot of money hiring workers to set up scaffolding, and then the inspection crew would do their job; it would have taken weeks. But when using drones, it took only 4 hours to complete the flying, 8 hours to process the data, and another 4 hours to analyze it. It was uncanny how fast we finished that inspection!”


Richard Lopez

Hensel Phelps Construction

“The Wing Walker team has done a great job with two projects for Indigo Real Estate. We would love to use their services again in the near future.”

Kiana Sonnenfeld

Indigo Real Estate

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