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Benefits to having drone imagery over your construction site:

i. Improved Workflows – Rather than waiting days or weeks for a surveyor to provide reports, our drone technology offers real-time data that can be provided within a couple of hours following a flight. Using our technology, there is no need to stop or delay active construction. Drones can fly over the entire job site without any stoppage to ongoing work.

ii. Better Budget Management – Predicting costs accurately during the beginning stages of construction is no easy task. Beyond assisting with initial cost estimates, there are many ways drones save construction companies money. For example, drones can track the movement and number of materials present onsite and in real-time throughout the project as well as keep track of how much needs to be ordered based on stockpile measurements and inventory counts.

iii. Higher Rate of Projects Completed on time – The number one reason most companies adopt drones into their business practice is to save time. Traditional inspections performed by workers are time-consuming and dangerous. The data manually collected can also be inaccurate, which leads to follow-up inspections and more time. Our drone software can provide fully immersive annotated 3D models that enable measurements and continuous status tracking.

iv. Lower Rate of Workplace Injuries – OSHA reports 1 in 5 work-related deaths occurs from construction-related incidents. Drones can be utilized for safety inspections and identify potential hazards in real-time supplementing traditional safety inspections to minimize hazards at the job site.

v. More Competitive Marketing – Keep stakeholders informed and confident during the building process. Construction companies that adopt drones can bid more competitively and secure more contracts. Without a drone collecting visual data, clients and investors have to visit the site in person to see how things are moving along. Investors from afar can be continuously up-to-date without ever leaving the office.

“Matt produced great shots for us and was great to work with. We'll definitely work with him again!”


Bryan Kozu

CenterCal Properties


“Matt Nugent & Wing Walker Aerial Photography we wonderful to work with! They created some great real estate branding and lifestyle videos for our agency and we look forward to working with them again.”


Heather Bowles

Liberty Investments


"Super easy to work with and produced some amazingly beautiful and high-quality photos and videos of our property. Would highly recommend!"


Andrew Fouche

Renton Highlands Church

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