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Drone imagery is much clearer compared to pixelated satellite views of property, which is often outdated by years.  Our photogrammetry software captures real-time drone imagery and line-to-line, area, and volume measurements which are accurate within centimeters.  In addition to 2D views, we can also depict topography and elevation for each property – no matter if the property is 1 acre or 100 acres.  We help our clients visualize the subject property, as well as determine surrounding grade and encroachment hazards.  For those looking for something even more, our photogrammetry offers 3D models to truly immerse the viewer into visualizing the property and future plans.  Any survey information can be overlayed onto our maps to keep key decision-makers and stakeholders informed every step of the way.

“We had a vision for creating neighborhood tours to share with prospective and relocating home buyers to familiarize them with our region. Matt at Wing Walker Aerial Photography clearly understood our goals and beautifully captured our local community with high-quality imagery we didn’t even know was possible. We are beyond thrilled with the professional look of the finished product and how timely it was delivered. Matt exceeded our expectations in every way.”


Julie Barrows

Owner of Windermere R/E

Mercer Island

“Matt Nugent is one of the best Drone pilots I know. He also carries himself and his company very professionally and is very responsive to the client's needs and expectations. I would suggest him for anyone looking to get great aerial photos or video."


Ryan Gillis

Gillis Real Estate

“I couldn’t be happier working with Matt. He is very professional and easy to work with throughout the whole process. I had some aerial shots done this summer of my beach house and surrounding area and was blown away with the images he captured. The photos he captured far exceeded my expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Wing Walker if you need to get any aerial photography done.”


Brenda Harwood

‘Miss B Haven’ Rental Property Owner

Seabrook, WA

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